Léa has been living, performing and teaching in Paris, France, and has performed in other cities around the world.  Venues include Plaza Athena, Paris, France; Casino Palace, Cannes, France; Roxy, Istanbul, Turkey; Half Hote Jazz Club, Athens, Greece; Tabarka Jazz Festival, Tabarka, Tunisia and African Music Festival, Würzberg, Germany.

Her repertoire moves from Jazz to Rhythm & Blues to Gospel.

The size of her accompaniment ranges from duo to full orchestra.

Léa is a composer, vocal arranger and a master at vocal harmony & rhythm. Her international personality and bon-vivo makes her great in any setting. French is her language of choice.

Léa has completed her latest project of original songs entitled, Lady of the Lake, which is a culmination of African rhythms with a jazz R&B funky hip flavor.

Léa is available for colaborations and for performances, including international and local venues. All inquiries please email léa@leacentauri.com
Excerpts from Lady of the Lake

Change, A Lullabye  (mp3)
Chante de toi (Song of You)  (mp3)
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